Light Blue 3 Strand Bracelet: Project Instructions



Curved spacer beads and beautiful glass crystal beads give this three strand bracelet a beautiful look. Use our free instructions to make your own.



2 large crimpsCrimping Pliers
1 parrot claspWire Cutters
18 bead caps
9 plain curved metal tubes
3 jump rings
18 size 6/0 seed beads
18 small decorative metal beads
9 x 8mm round faceted glass crystals
2 decorative metal beads with large holes
3 strands of tigertail (cut each strand to about 30cm)

Start with the three pieces of tigertail - gather them together, thread through a large crimp followed by a parrot clasp, then back through the crimp. Squish the crimp down. Thread on a decorative metal bead with a large hole (we used a filigree tube). Separate the strands. Onto strand 1, thread a metal tube. Onto strand 2, thread half a metal tube (you will need to cut a metal tube in half, using your wire cutters). Onto strand 3, don't thread anything. Now begin the pattern. On each strand, thread:

- a small decorative metal bead
- a size 5/0 seed bead
- a bead cap
- a 8mm round faceted glass crystal
- a bead cap
- a size 5/0 seed bead
- a small decorative metal bead
- a metal tube

Repeat the pattern until the bracelet fits your wrist. Finish strand 1 with a small decorative metal bead, strand 2 with half a metal tube (use the extra half left over from the beginning) and strand 3 with a metal tube. Bring the pieces of tigertail together, thread through the decorative metal bead with a large hole, through a large crimp and through a jump ring. Bring the tigertail back over the top of the decorative metal bead and then through the large crimp. Crimp down and cut off excess wire. Join the spare jump rings onto the jump ring already on the wire to create a small extension chain.

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