Simple Crystal Red Wire Mesh Tubing Necklace: Project Instructions



Wire mesh tubing is a hollow coloured wire tubing - perfect for filling with left over beads! Use our instructions to create your own wire mesh necklace, complete with leather end findings.



2 crimp leather endsCrimping Pliers
1 parrot claspWire Cutters
5cm medium twisted loop chain
4 jump rings
55cm wire mesh tubing
~ 600 glass crystals, include 4mm bicones
8mm rounds and more

Take the wire mesh tubing and place the end in a leather crimp. Add a tiny dab of glue and squish both sides of the leather crimp down, to hold the wire mesh tubing in place. From the other end, fill the hollow mesh tubing with a mix of 4mm glass bicone & 8mm round faceted glass crystal beads (we used clear AB, red and clear, with black tubing). Once the tubing is full to the length you want, cut off any excess tubing, close the tubing by placing the end in a leather crimp, adding a dab of glue and squishing down both sides.

On one side of your necklace, add a jump ring and a parrot clasp to the leather crimp. On the other side, add a couple of jump rings.

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