CLEARANCE BULK Extra Large Butterfly Scarf Bails

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  • Extra Large Butterfly Scarf Bail
  • Scarf threaded through each side of the bail & pendant to create a loop with the ends of the scarf sitting at the front (see next photo)
  • Back of scarf jewellery - we've passed the scarf through both sides of the scarf bail
  • Scarf jewellery simply threaded onto a scarf (we've added a pendant)
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Price: $15.00

Price: $5.00

These unique large base metal scarf bails have an inner diametre of 20mm (length: 35mm, height: 30mm), making them perfect for our range of thin lightweight scarves. With a small loop on the bottom, you can attach a small pendant or other scarf jewellery, turning your scarf into an attractive necklace! Available in antique silver only.