CLEARANCE BULK Extra Large Heart Scarf Bails

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  • Scarf jewellery simply threaded onto a scarf
  • Scarf threaded through each side of the bail & pendant to create a loop with the ends of the scarf sitting at the front (see next photo)
  • Back of scarf jewellery - we've passed the scarf through both sides of the scarf bail
  • Scarf jewellery simply threaded onto a scarf (we've added a pendant)
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Price: $15.00

Price: $5.00

These unique large base metal scarf bails have an inner diametre of 20mm (length: 35mm, height: 30mm), making them perfect for our range of thin lightweight scarves. With a small loop on the bottom, you can attach a small pendant or other scarf jewellery, turning your scarf into an attractive necklace! The centres of the hearts have gaps that can "blinged up" if so desired (they look great with or without extra sparkle). Will take 2mm pointy back diamantes. Available in antique bronze only.